Cannondale Carbon Habit 3

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Cannondale Carbon Habit 3

2,650.00 3,740.00

Factory Closeout means what we have is what we can get and trust us, these bikes won't last.

Only 1 Size LG remaining.

Zero Pivot Seatstays :: Zero Tollerance

The Zero-Pivot seatstays are engineered with a precise carbon lay-up that is designed to allow the stays to flex vertically while remaining extremely stiff laterally and torsionally. This enhances suspension performance, saves weight and increases lateral stiffness versus bearing pivot rear stays.

Ballistec Carbon Frame

BallisTec is Cannondale's proprietary method of high-strength, high-stiffness carbon construction. It is the ideal blend of the most advanced materials in the world combined with the most advanced carbon engineering and design.

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