New Stuff Thursdays :: 2018 Rocky Mountain Line-Up is Vicious

That's right folks - vicious is the best word we could come up with to describe what Rocky did to their bikes for 2018. With recent re-designs on the Element and Altitude, Rocky continued the trend for 2018 with the Instinct, Pipeline and Thunderbolt (shhh). Chalk it up to the water or the many alters to the mountain bike gods in BC - whatever the inspiration these bikes are, quite simply, perfect. Here's a short tour of what we've received thus far:


When we first heard whispers of the changes happening to the Element we got excited. The introduction of Ride-9 on the platform, longer travel up front, gnarly tires and a super playful geometry mean a far more capable bike then what older full-suspension XC bikes often offered. This is an absolute must ride if you're the rider who loves going out and hammering fast lap after fast lap. 

Meet the Element Carbon 50 (the hot yellow one). At $4049 this may be one of the best value carbon FS bikes we've had roll through. The photo on the right shows the Ride-9 chip which allows you to customize the suspension and geo to your preferred flava'. For those looking to keep the budget in check, check out the Element Alloy 50 (the sleek red one). At $3269 you get all the same tech features as the carbon models with the addition of a dropper post.


Plus bikes are becoming the new norm. People who want the trail eating traction of a fat bike with the speed of a traditional tire need look no further. Entirely re-designed for 2018, the Pipeline sees a revised geometry, extended rear wheel travel and the ability to switch to 29" wheels making it one of the most capable plus bikes on the market. 140mm of travel never felt so fast. 

For your viewing pleasure, meet the Pipeline Alloy 50. At $3249 this is bar none one of the sickest plus bikes we've had roll through our door. Sure, we're excited to see the other models we ordered come in but this is a stands out both in spec and price. 140mm of front and rear wheel travel, 1x drivetrain, dropper, Ride-9, sick color. It's a must see for anyone in the market for a full-suspension trail killer. 


I was a perennial hater of long-travel 29'ers. I rode one in CO years and years ago and it almost killed me, twice. I quickly determined that some travel classes were better served by a smaller wheel. Back when we first became a Rocky dealer I picked up their Element (at the time, still a 4" front and rear XC bike) and was immediately blown away at how effortless the bike moved around the trail. The geo, the linkage, it all felt immensely different then other bikes I'd ridden and I started to think that perhaps my near death experience years back needed to be chalked up to a "new design". So with that back story, I introduce you to the all new Instinct. The bike that ruined me. With a refined geo, updated linkage and a little more travel, this may be one of the best bikes I've ever ridden in my 25 years on dirt.  

Here's a small sampling of what's to come - meet the Instinct Alloy 50. At $3199 you should just buy this bike. Seriously. As you may have guessed, the Instinct is essentially the 29'' counterpart to the Pipeline so you'll see identical specs between the two models (save for wheels and tires). 140mm of front and rear wheel travel, 1x drivetrain, dropper, Ride-9, sick color, heaven. 

Here's my bike - this is the Instinct Carbon 70. It's fun. 


If you know the Rocky brand then the Altitude is probably the bike you've heard the most about. It's their switchblade. The bike that shows up to a fight and fights dirty. It's as capable up as it is down and with 160mm of front and rear wheel travel that's a feat most brands simply can't claim. With an all new redesign for 2017.5 / 2018 Rocky found a way to make this bike that much better. Here's the catch - we're sold out of them. We have more on the way but no joke, as soon as these bikes hit our door they are gone. 

The models we've been stocking are Altitude Alloy 30's and 50's and the Carbon 50. We do have Mike's Carbon 70 kicking it at the shop for people wanting to see one while we wait for our re-stock to arrive. 

If you have questions or are simply curious about the Rocky Mountain brand swing by the shop anytime - we love talking all things off road and can definitely give some extensive first hand feedback on all the models we have in stock. In the meantime, get out and get gnarly.