'New Stuff Thursdays!' Where Champions Train to become Gods :: A Full on Recap

As many of you may have noticed we've added quite a few new products to our selection. As part of our long-term goal to become a commuter/mountain oriented shop in Lakewood, we worked really hard to search out products unique to our region. With that said, we wanted to take a moment to mention a few brands we are extremely excited to bring to the westside. 

Starting out with one of our favorite categories is Rock Mountain Bicycles. For those of you who don't know, Rocky Mountain has been making mountain bikes for over 30 years, honing their talents through extensive product testing on the infamous North Shore trails near their home base in British Columbia. Separating themselves from many of the bigger brands is their sole focus on making the best mountain bike for all forms of off-road riding. From the 21 lb Element 999 RSL to their trail slayer Thunderbolt, they'll provide you with a ride that will never leave you wanting. In short, Rocky Mountain's philosophy is near and dear to our hearts and we're proud to offer their products to the growing mountain bike tribe of on Northeast Ohio. Check out our write up here

Here at Beat we're obsessed with Brooklyn Bicycle Company. The style. The fit. The functionality. Never has a bike been so incredibly enjoyable to cruise the local streets. With that passion we've expanded our offerings for 2015 bringing in more internally geared models for the guys and some exciting new colors for the ladies. Expanding on that category we decided to bring on few of the highly fashionable models from Simcoe

In the fall of last year we excitedly announced our relationship with Forest City Portage - an amazing company located right here in Lakewood. With our wearable bag selection perfected, we began our search for an additional bike mounted bag line. With some of the brands we considered already well represented we buried our eyes in the glowing screens of our computers and found a gem of a company based in Portland, OR. NorthSt Bags provides us the opportunity to offer our more dedicated transpo riders the opportunity to pick up a set of  handmade panniers that are fully waterproof and, if I do say so myself, attractive on any bike. We also stock some of their accessory offerings such as pant straps, handlebar bags and one of the coolest Brooks saddle covers I've seen to date (they will work on pretty much any seat but they tie up to the Brooks seats nicely).  

Clothing is an extremely important category for our shop. However, due to some untimely delays with our construction last year we had to put some of our plans on the back burner and go for convenience. That's not something anyone wants to admit but we can't deny that our clothing offerings for the Summer and Fall of 2014, while strong, did not fully represent our vision. For 2015 we've made amends with the additions of Giro New Road and Club Ride apparel. Understanding the changing tide in cycling apparel and seeing so many people want to dress more causally on their bike without being uncomfortable we feel the stylish offerings from both these companies will ensure you looks as good on the patio of your favorite bar or restaurant as you do on your bicycle. We've also added some excellent performance pieces from Cannondale and Sugoi for riders seeking the ultimate in performance apparel. 

We are committed to bringing new products to the local cycling community. We hope you like the brands we've selected as much as we do.