7 Reasons why Every Cyclist Needs to Practice Yoga

It’s no secret that what you do off the bike will greatly affect how you perform on your bike; no matter what your cycling discipline is. So it will come as no shock that the argument in favor of yoga is a simple one. However, in case you need a little more convincing as to why and how it will benefit you…..

7 Reasons Why Every Cyclist Needs to Practice Yoga

1 | Flexibility:

Yoga will increase your ease of motion, and therefore your range of motion. Flexibility will also aid in preventing injury, as well as speed up your recovery time in between rides.

2 | Strength:

Yoga allows you to work on full body strength training. Sure, weights will allow you to target specific areas, however, consistency is key and that is exactly what you get when you are relying on nothing but your own body weight. 

3 | Endurance:

Yoga is all about pacing yourself. Learning how to balance mind and body, you can turn long rides, even the hard ones, into a form of meditation; committing for the long haul.

4 | Balance:

Regularly practicing balancing poses will aide in your overall sense of balance in everyday life as well as on the saddle. Naturally this will aide in preventing falls and injury.

5 | Core Strength:

Nearly every pose in yoga will work your core. Having a strong core equals a strong, supported, and healthy back. Not to mention, more strength and alignment in your whole body. 

6 | Stability:

When practicing yoga, you are working all of the little stabilizing muscles that go untouched in other physical workouts. Working with and strengthening these muscles are vital in protecting your joints and spine.

7 | Recovery:

Cyclists spend a lot of time contracting their muscles, and yoga is the perfect counter action to elongate those muscles. Whether you are coming to yoga after an actual injury or simply as an injury prevention, regular practice will only speed up your recovery time.

In short, yoga will allow you to move, bend, and perform with ease, all the while giving you strength and flexibility. Again, the perfect counter action to hours on the saddle.

We’ve got more yoga tips and suggestions coming your way. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to add anything, feel free to comment below or shoot us message!