Norco Fluid FS and Sight :: Bringing the heat to a trail near you

I’m terrible at updating this portion of our website which admittedly sucks because of the near constant flow of incredible bikes and gear we have rolling through the door. That said, this post in particular is long overdue. Many people have never heard of Norco. A brand whose name is synonymous with adventure. From a ripping line of world class mountain bikes to one of the most diverse gravel offerings, Norco has made their presence in the US known more and more with each passing year. And this year, we’re bringing some of that off-road squishy goodness to you fine folks.


The Fluid HT series has been a standard in our shop since we first became a Norco dealer and when we heard about the planned changes to the Fluid FS we began moving some pieces around with the expectation that these bikes were gonna be rippers. Norco did not disappoint. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the 2019 Fluid FS. With a completely redesigned alloy frame, upgraded suspension package, modified geo and ability to get either 29” or 27.5” wheels this bike is ready for just about any rider. And with 130mm of travel up front and 120mm of travel out back it’s the ideal bike for NEO trails.

If you want to do a little more digging on these sick bikes check out what our friends over at Pinkbike had to say. Also, follow Pinkbike because it’s a legit review site with some incredible riders giving balances feedback.


More travel can be a lot more fun and we don’t really shy away from bringing in some of the bigger travel bikes. When Norco released the revised Sight and Range in 2018 we were salivating. And with each passing review, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of these beasts. Well, we have some and while it’s a limited selection there is a reason. In March, Norco announced their ‘Build Your Ride’ program for the Sight and Range giving riders the ability to not just change colors but choose suspension and parts packages to better suit their riding style and/or budget. But back to the bike - am I right! Boasting a trail smashing 150/130mm travel combo for 29” wheels and 160/140mm travel combo for 27.5” this bike will surely leave you wanting all the rocks, roots and other ‘natch our beloved east coast trails tend to offer. This is the perfect bike for the person who likes to spend weekends at Windrock, Seven Springs and Snowshoe. But fear not, with a balances geo and incredible linkage, this bike will still leave you smiling on our local trails.

We hope you like the bikes as much as we do.

Gravel Bikes Galore :: Where we're going we don't need [paved] roads.

Gravel bikes aren’t new. But with each passing year we see manufacturers redefine what constitutes the gravel class. When the category was first created you saw companies slapping wider tires and disc brakes on endurance road bikes and calling it a day. This worked. It gave riders looking for more versatility a bike that didn’t lose the performance characteristics they’d become accustomed to. Fast forward to today and the category has morphed into what many call drop bar mountain. Sporting far wider tires then ever before, geos that perform better on rugged off-road terrain and part specs that virtually mimic modern mountain bikes gravel bikes offer riders the ability to literally go wherever they want. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite bikes in the 2019 gravel category.


When the Norco Search was first released it had many of the traits found on first gen gravel bikes. Road gearing, more (but not significantly more) tire clearance and a road oriented geometry. Enter 2019 and the bikes have evolved to say the least. Now boasting a spec and geometry optimized for true, back country service the Search XR is ready for any adventure you want to throw its direction. We currently have the Search XR Alloy 105 and Apex in stock as well as the Search XR Steel Apex. These bikes tend to go fast so stop in and check them out before they head out into the wild.


New to the Cannondale family of goods is the Topstone - their certified, load capable gravel smasher. Using the same alloy construction found on their Synapse and incorporating a full carbon fork, Cannondale sought to create a gravel bike that was light and compliant without removing its utilitarian function - offering 3 bottle cage mounts, rack mounts and fender mounts. It’s pretty much a touring bike, mixed with an endurance road bike that prefers to ride in regions unknown. In short, its a must see for anyone looking to make a gravel bike their next purchase. We currently have the Topstone 105 and Sora models available.

April Financing!

Hey, hey, hey!

The calendar says that spring is here, but the weather as of late has been saying otherwise. This is Cleveland, so really we're not surprised. Here's the thing though.... once Mother' Nature catches up and bring's her sunshine smile, we know you're going to want to be ready to roll!

We've got some great financing opportunities this month just for YOU!

Beat Cycles April Financing

While we always offer financing, these extended terms are ONLY valid thru the end of April! Come check out all the sweet bikes we've got on the floor!

Feel free to send us a message or give us a call for details!



Expansion Days | Deal of the Week | Week 1

When we began planning our expansion we wanted to create special promotions as a thank you to all our customers and the cycling community at large for their continued support, so we stole an idea from one of our vendors and here it is - every Monday throughout our expansion we'll be rolling out super deals that will last the week and then POOF, they'll disappear. So don't hesitate. 

Are you tired of watching your Instagram feed pile up with photos of your riding pals ripping snow covered trails? Have you been wanting to try a fat bike? Well, then this deal is for you. To start our Expansion Days | Deal of the Week promo we've targeted our remaining fat bike inventory and at these prices, they'll be incredibly hard to ignore. 

So Many Helmets, Where to Begin...

Once you’ve given into the fact that YES, helmets are a really good idea, you are asked the dreaded question… “So what kind of helmet are you looking for?!”

A seemingly innocent question, but for those new to cycling it can seem a bit overwhelming. Especially when a lot of shops will either have an entire wall dedicated to helmets OR stacks upon stacks of them filling up any free space you can find. So where to begin….

First off, as far as safety goes, all helmets must meet the same general requirements. Which means technically speaking, a $40 helmet will meet the same safety requirements as that $200 helmet. So why would you even consider forking out the extra cash?

Great question! While all helmets must meet the same basic safety standards, not all helmets are indeed created equally. A few main differences you will notice are the weight, fit, and ventilation of a helmet. The more money you are willing to spend, the lighter the helmet will (typically) be, the better it will fit/the more comfortable it will be, and the more ventilation you will get.

QUICK TEST! A great way to visualize the difference in ventilation between helmet models is to make a fist and place the helmet on top. The more space you see between the top of your hand and the helmet, the more ventilation you get. ALSO, a lot of base models will cut the plastic on top to make it appear as though the ventilation is better than it actually is. 

My general feeling with trying helmets on is that the more comfortable it is, the more likely I will be to wear it. I feel like the #1 reason people avoid them is because they are hot and uncomfortable.



So Many Helmets, Where to Begin. How to choose which style of helmet will best for you! | Beat Cycles


Recreational Helmets

Recreation helmets are just that. They are your basic, all around, helmet that will come in an assortment of colors, usually have a removable visor, and typically begin around $40 or so and go up from there. 

Mountain Helmets 

Mountain helmets tend to be a little boxier, have much better ventilation than the recreational helmets, and come down farther on the sides and in the back. While designed with the mountain biker in mind, these are still a great option for the everyday cyclist and a favorite among a lot of commuters.

Road Helmets 

There a few key factors you can almost always expect from road helmets. They are light, sleek (arrow dynamic), and usually won’t have a visor. If an incredibly light and breezy feeling helmet is top of your list for important features, a road helmet is the way to go.

Commuter Helmets

Commuter helmets tend to be a little more rounded, have less ventilation, and focus more on style. A lot of people reference them as looking more like “skater” helmets.You will also find that a lot of these helmets will come ready to swap out the interior as the the seasons change (i.e. a “winter kit” that will protect your ears when the temperature drops). 

While there are other styles out there (full face, aero, etc.) these are what you are most likely to find in your local bike shop. Hopefully this makes that initial question a little less daunting!

What’s you’r preferred helmet style? Comment below!

Winter Work :: The Bringheli Project

It's not every day someone walks a handmade frame through your front door let alone one made in Cleveland. When Craig called and told me he had his eyes on a Bringheli frame a buddy of his once owned I got excited. I'd come across frames made in Joe Brignheli's shop before - our former crew member Sean built his beautiful road machine with Joe and one of our favorite customers, Bonnie, owns one as well. But I never had a chance to do extensive work with one. And, after some serious back and forth, Craig decided he had to have this bike. I think the final results speak for themselves but let me walk you through some of the slicker features of this beautiful machine. 

When Craig purchased the frame it was orange (I should've taken a photo). It was pretty much striped of badging but the lug work was impeccable. After some thought (and some negative reinforcement from us) Craig decided to powder coat the frame a beautiful robin egg blue. Then came the assembly. First we had to tap into Craig's extensive Campy collection, choosing a beautifully ridden in Record group he had chillin' in his closet. Then we went to the catalogs and picked some classic cockpit pieces from Nitto and Velo Orange to maintain that classic aesthetic. To top it off, add some Brooks bits where the body contact and voila - you have a piece of machinery that would make any bike lover drool for days.  

Oh, and the cherry on top is the custom head badge made by Craig's buddy Mike. He'd kept it all these years and was kind enough to dedicate it to the project. In my opinion it completes the bike. Huge props to Craig for allowing us to be apart of his bicycle obsession - the man has taste and always builds up trick rides

Stay classy folks. 

Updated 25 January 2018 : Craig was kind enough to supply us with a photo of the frame prior to the project. 


FAT TIRE SALE :: Rocky Mountain Blizzard and Suzi Q's

Well, the snow is back but that doesn't mean your outdoor fun has to end. Be sure to check out the sick deals we just added to our remaining closeout fat bike inventory. At these prices, these bikes won't last long.

This sale only applies to 2017 product.

There's More than One Way to be a Winter Rider

We applaud those who suck it up, bundle up, and get out on their bikes no matter the weather. The die hards who have the mentality of “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” But let’s be honest here. The majority of us just don’t have it in ourselves to brave the bitter cold, harsh winter wind, slush, ice, and “winter driver’s”. If the past month has been a preview for what is to come this season, we’ve still got several more months of hardcore winter. That doesn’t, however, mean you have several more months of excuses not to ride.

We are thrilled to announce that Kinetic Trainers have hit the floor, and here's why we love them...


Road Machine Smart Control  - Take your indoor training to the next level with a power trainer that combines our best-in-class frame, breakthrough electronic resistance unit and data delivery to Bluetooth-connected devices for a world of training possibilities with apps like Kinetic FitZwiftTrainerRoadRouvyKinomap Trainer and FulGaz.

A massive flywheel delivers super-realistic road feel and the quiet, app-controlled resistance unit simulates everything from rolling hills to alpine climbs. The Road Machine | Smart Control will reinvent your indoor training experience. When you combine this powerful platform and the peace-of-mind of the industry's best warranty, the Road Machine | Smart Control system is the smart choice for any cyclist ready to take training to the next level. 



Road Machine Smart Accurate, affordable and easy to use, the Road Machine | Smart combines intuitive app-based power training with our benchmark fluid trainer. Kinetic inRide sensor technology allows riders to connect with a world of training possibilities with apps like Kinetic FitZwiftTrainerRoadRouvyKinomap Trainer and FulGaz on Bluetooth®-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops. No additional sensors or add-ons are needed. Enjoy real-road feel from the precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit and access online training tools, content and power data - all at your fingertips. All backed by the industry's best warranty.



 Road Machine- The best combination of value and performance in fluid bike trainers. Quiet, smooth, and 100% leak-proof, the Road Machine is the perfect platform for all of your workout plans, from threshold and interval work to recovery spins. You'll get genuine real-road feel in the saddle thanks to our large fly wheel and precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit and the added peace of mind from the industry's best warranty. 

The Kinetic Road Machine is compatible with the Kinetic Fit power training app when paired with the optional Kinetic inRide Watt Meter.





We get it. No one actually WANTS to ride inside, but sometimes you NEED to ride and when you’re stuck in the midst of this glorious Cleveland weather, going outside isn’t really an option. (Have you seen Craig’s cassette?!). 

Craig's Cassette ^^^

Craig's Cassette ^^^

Come check out our trainers today! We can have you up and riding throughout the new year!


New Stuff Thursdays :: 2018 Rocky Mountain Line-Up is Vicious

That's right folks - vicious is the best word we could come up with to describe what Rocky did to their bikes for 2018. With recent re-designs on the Element and Altitude, Rocky continued the trend for 2018 with the Instinct, Pipeline and Thunderbolt (shhh). Chalk it up to the water or the many alters to the mountain bike gods in BC - whatever the inspiration these bikes are, quite simply, perfect. Here's a short tour of what we've received thus far:


When we first heard whispers of the changes happening to the Element we got excited. The introduction of Ride-9 on the platform, longer travel up front, gnarly tires and a super playful geometry mean a far more capable bike then what older full-suspension XC bikes often offered. This is an absolute must ride if you're the rider who loves going out and hammering fast lap after fast lap. 

Meet the Element Carbon 50 (the hot yellow one). At $4049 this may be one of the best value carbon FS bikes we've had roll through. The photo on the right shows the Ride-9 chip which allows you to customize the suspension and geo to your preferred flava'. For those looking to keep the budget in check, check out the Element Alloy 50 (the sleek red one). At $3269 you get all the same tech features as the carbon models with the addition of a dropper post.


Plus bikes are becoming the new norm. People who want the trail eating traction of a fat bike with the speed of a traditional tire need look no further. Entirely re-designed for 2018, the Pipeline sees a revised geometry, extended rear wheel travel and the ability to switch to 29" wheels making it one of the most capable plus bikes on the market. 140mm of travel never felt so fast. 

For your viewing pleasure, meet the Pipeline Alloy 50. At $3249 this is bar none one of the sickest plus bikes we've had roll through our door. Sure, we're excited to see the other models we ordered come in but this is a stands out both in spec and price. 140mm of front and rear wheel travel, 1x drivetrain, dropper, Ride-9, sick color. It's a must see for anyone in the market for a full-suspension trail killer. 


I was a perennial hater of long-travel 29'ers. I rode one in CO years and years ago and it almost killed me, twice. I quickly determined that some travel classes were better served by a smaller wheel. Back when we first became a Rocky dealer I picked up their Element (at the time, still a 4" front and rear XC bike) and was immediately blown away at how effortless the bike moved around the trail. The geo, the linkage, it all felt immensely different then other bikes I'd ridden and I started to think that perhaps my near death experience years back needed to be chalked up to a "new design". So with that back story, I introduce you to the all new Instinct. The bike that ruined me. With a refined geo, updated linkage and a little more travel, this may be one of the best bikes I've ever ridden in my 25 years on dirt.  

Here's a small sampling of what's to come - meet the Instinct Alloy 50. At $3199 you should just buy this bike. Seriously. As you may have guessed, the Instinct is essentially the 29'' counterpart to the Pipeline so you'll see identical specs between the two models (save for wheels and tires). 140mm of front and rear wheel travel, 1x drivetrain, dropper, Ride-9, sick color, heaven. 

Here's my bike - this is the Instinct Carbon 70. It's fun. 


If you know the Rocky brand then the Altitude is probably the bike you've heard the most about. It's their switchblade. The bike that shows up to a fight and fights dirty. It's as capable up as it is down and with 160mm of front and rear wheel travel that's a feat most brands simply can't claim. With an all new redesign for 2017.5 / 2018 Rocky found a way to make this bike that much better. Here's the catch - we're sold out of them. We have more on the way but no joke, as soon as these bikes hit our door they are gone. 

The models we've been stocking are Altitude Alloy 30's and 50's and the Carbon 50. We do have Mike's Carbon 70 kicking it at the shop for people wanting to see one while we wait for our re-stock to arrive. 

If you have questions or are simply curious about the Rocky Mountain brand swing by the shop anytime - we love talking all things off road and can definitely give some extensive first hand feedback on all the models we have in stock. In the meantime, get out and get gnarly.