Spot Brand Rocker SS :: The Slater Project

Single-speeds are the most anti-social mountain bikes. You’re either making everyone wait or you’re blowing everyone’s doors off. Either way, no one’s gonna talk to you.
— Rob V. - O.G. Industry Rep

My love affair with Spot Brand began back in college. I had just begun a long-ish career of riding a 1x1 in the woods and I discovered Spot's incredible product line of high end bikes and parts tailored to like minded people. While I couldn't afford one of their frames then I did use many of their components - hubs, chain rings, a wool jersey (that I still have and still wear). Ahh - those were the days.

We became a Spot dealer in the fall of last year and since that time we've had some beautiful bikes come in through the back door and shred their way out the front. This one though - this one was special. Friend of shop and all-around awesome human being Matt came in and told us he wanted a single-speed to shred around the local trails. The result was nothing short of magnificent. 

The Spot Brand Rocker frame was an obvious choice for its all-around capability. Riders have the choice of 100mm or 120mm of front wheel travel and the option of running a 29" or 27.5"+ tires. And belt drive - did we mention you can run a belt on all the Spot frames. In short, whether you like to get the wheels off the ground or love the lightning speed of an XC geo, the Rocker will do it all.

I would say the frame was the first piece of the puzzle but it wasn't, the fork was. As someone who's put serious trail miles on Lefty's Matt knew this was going to be the fork of choice for his single-speed and thanks to Cannondale's Lefty-For-All kit we were able to attach it beautifully to the tapered head tube of the Rocker. Finishing out the full Race Face cockpit is a set of the always incredible Shimano XTR XC disc brakes.

The drive train was pretty simple to narrow down seeing all we really needed was a crank. First choice, Race Face Next SL. Just think trail strength with cross country weight. Next came the wheels. Matt wanted wheels with great engagement and a low scale reading so we opted for a hub combination of a Hope Pro 4 Evo Boost (148x12) rear and a Chris King Lefty front. Red - of course red. Laced to Stan's Crest rims, Matt's Rocker got one sweet pair of shoes. 

We've had the incredible opportunity to build some beautiful bikes but this one takes the cake. I just hope Matt doesn't mind when I build an identical one for myself.

Simplicity personified.