Gravel Bikes Galore :: Where we're going we don't need [paved] roads.

Gravel bikes aren’t new. But with each passing year we see manufacturers redefine what constitutes the gravel class. When the category was first created you saw companies slapping wider tires and disc brakes on endurance road bikes and calling it a day. This worked. It gave riders looking for more versatility a bike that didn’t lose the performance characteristics they’d become accustomed to. Fast forward to today and the category has morphed into what many call drop bar mountain. Sporting far wider tires then ever before, geos that perform better on rugged off-road terrain and part specs that virtually mimic modern mountain bikes gravel bikes offer riders the ability to literally go wherever they want. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite bikes in the 2019 gravel category.


When the Norco Search was first released it had many of the traits found on first gen gravel bikes. Road gearing, more (but not significantly more) tire clearance and a road oriented geometry. Enter 2019 and the bikes have evolved to say the least. Now boasting a spec and geometry optimized for true, back country service the Search XR is ready for any adventure you want to throw its direction. We currently have the Search XR Alloy 105 and Apex in stock as well as the Search XR Steel Apex. These bikes tend to go fast so stop in and check them out before they head out into the wild.


New to the Cannondale family of goods is the Topstone - their certified, load capable gravel smasher. Using the same alloy construction found on their Synapse and incorporating a full carbon fork, Cannondale sought to create a gravel bike that was light and compliant without removing its utilitarian function - offering 3 bottle cage mounts, rack mounts and fender mounts. It’s pretty much a touring bike, mixed with an endurance road bike that prefers to ride in regions unknown. In short, its a must see for anyone looking to make a gravel bike their next purchase. We currently have the Topstone 105 and Sora models available.

To Build :: 2018


To say this was the most chaotic year I've ever worked in the bike industry would fall short of the mark. It was as if someone turned the hustle meter to FULL ON once the clock struck midnight and away we went. While I won't speak for Mike, Dizz or Sean, the chaos knocked me off balance. Being in a constant state of catch-up is not a game you want to play in this industry and I went 9 full rounds. Holding it all together became the new goal and the finish line just seemed further and further away.  

As some semblance of normalcy settles in around us (and I mean some) I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some exciting news. Beginning in 2018 the foot print of Beat will begin change as we tear down our western wall and take over another storefront. Business has grown on a level I never anticipated and this opportunity will allow us to improve and add services our current space simply won't allow. We have some incredible plans on deck and you'll get to see the process every step of the way so here's a preemptive "PARDON OUR DUST".  


Cannondale Slate :: A New Generation of Road is Born

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.
— Steve Jobs

When we first saw the video for Cannondale's all new Slate platform our excitement couldn't be contained.  We checked the dealer site almost daily waiting for an ETA so we could begin planning ridiculous adventures in and around Cleveland. As the 2016 products began pouring out we anxiously waited. Days turned to weeks - weeks to months - and alas, the clouds broke and the bikes began to ship. 

For those of you who haven't heard of, or read about the Slate allow us to give you a simple walk through. A few years back manufacturers began looking at the new possibilities for the road category. With an overwhelming desire to make road bikes more capable of all-road riding a new category was born - the gravel bike. Many gravel bikes embody three common traits - a geometry similar to endurance road bikes, disc brakes and more generous tire clearance. These simple augmentations have allowed manufacturers to create a bikes that keep riders more comfortable and more in control over grueling terrain. Cannondale took many of these concepts to heart but the outcome, you'll find, was far more radical then most would have expected. In short, the outcome was glorious. 

The Slate Force CX1 retails for $4260. Excuse the mud :: this bike has seen things.

From the ground up, the Slate stands as the most unique gravel bike the industry has seen and has already begun to rack up a list of accolades not seen by any other bike in its class. Equipped with the specially designed Lefty Oliver - a suspension fork with 30mm of front wheel travel - the bike begins to bridge the gap between true off the path adventure and speed most would expect from a performance class road bike. To add to its capabilities off road, Cannondale opted for a 650x42 tire opposed to the commonly used 700c wheel option. This provides the rider with a nimble handling bike without sacrificing the comfort wider tires offer.

The Slate 105 Disc retails for $2980.

The goal for my first ride was to test the bike on the worst terrain possible so I pointed towards downtown and off I went. The road to my chosen testing ground provided me a great opportunity to mentally compare it to my road bike. Acceleration and speed were very comparable which was a pleasant surprise given the wheel and tire combo were giving a clearly superior feel across rougher patches of road. Traveling down through the flats (which I regularly compare to many of the mountain bike trails I've ridden) I really began to appreciate the suspensions task of keeping the bike firmly planted over some of the more unruly sections of road. After almost 40 miles, mud, gravel and Cleveland streets I was home with an ear to ear grin. 

I know what you're all thinking, this is a Cannondale dealer swooning over a Cannondale bike - how accurate can this be? And you're absolutely right - there's definitely a conflict of interest in what I'm writing. But I must mention this, almost 20 years in the bike industry riding some of the best brands the industry has to offer and I can say unequivocally, I have never ridden a drop bar bike this fun - this capable. Perhaps its my mountain bike heart but I feel a bike should open up possibilities, not limit them. Stop by and check out the entire Slate family today.  


Product Announcement 1. 

I won't lie, I had hoped to be looking at an April 1 opening but in matters of business, nothing is ever certain. I had been putting off some of our product announcements to coincide with our opening but why wait. 

When we began building Beat, we tried to find a brand that could offer our customers a full range of appealing products. We wanted urban, mountain and road offerings that would satisfy the needs of all our customers. And so it is with great excitement that Beat Cycles is proud to announce a partnership with Cannondale, one of the top bike brands in the world. Cannondale has been an industry innovator since its inception in 1971, engineering some of the most capable and reliable bikes on the planet. With product offerings for any rider, Cannondale will allow us to truly emphasize the belief that, no matter your needs, Beat will have the perfect bike for you. 

Our first shipment arrived last week. 

Our first shipment arrived last week.