'New Stuff Thursdays!' Make Kittens Growl :: Opening Day Edition NO. 20 Something

Well folks, the baseball season has begun and how better to celebrate then by showing off some of our sweet new product. 

First up to bat - some sweet ladies gear. The Cannondale Synapse is a must ride for anyone searching for a new endurance road bike. With a vibration killing design, these bikes will keep you comfortable and efficient in the saddle for hours on end. In this week, the Synapse Tiagra, Synapse 105 Disc and Synapse Carbon 105. 
Don't worry gents, we didn't forget you. We received the Synapse Tiagra Disc and Synapse 105 Disc - both beautiful bikes. 

And finally, we've received our 2015 Bern Unlimited order and did they hit one out of the park with this years product line-up. The first exciting change is the ladies Melrose, a direct response to the Allston (which was one of our top sellers last year). With more ventilation, we anticipate these bad girls will fly out the door. That and the new Berkeley colors make this years ladies selection choice.
Coming off a great year for mens product, Bern added some really great color ways we think will spice up our normal selection. We've added a few colors in the Allston and Brentwood we think will turn some heads. 

Enjoy opening day. 

Look Good. Be Comfortable.

Clothing is an integral part to being comfortable on your bike. Whether your out for a casual ride about town on a warm, sunny summer day or planning a 3 hour off-road epic, the right clothing could mean the difference between a good time and a bad time. For 2015 we've made a conscious effort to focus on both the casual and performance ends of cycling apparel and have chosen some exciting product offerings from Cannondale, Club Ride, Giro and Sugoi.

Here's a little gallery of some of our offerings for the ladies. 

Gents, we've got you covered as well. 

As you may have noticed, much of the clothing we featured has a more casual style but don't be fooled as all of it is well suited to any type of riding. Stop in and check it out - we think you'll like it.  

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you're anything like me you'll be spending the next 8 days frantically riding around Northeast Ohio, looking for some great gift ideas for the loved ones in your life. Well, we've come up with some pretty great gift ideas that don't cost much and will definitely bring on a smile. 

Forest City Portage - Handmade in Lakewood

Beat Cycles is proud to announce our new partnership with Forest City Portage, handmade messenger bags, backpacks and accessories. I first saw FCP bags at 78th Street Studios and the first thing I noticed wasn't the quality (which is clearly top class) but the idiosyncratic style found in each product. Forest City Portage is a pioneer in the fashion, style and functionality that has become so important to cyclists today. 

Click image to scroll through the gallery.