Norco Fluid FS and Sight :: Bringing the heat to a trail near you

I’m terrible at updating this portion of our website which admittedly sucks because of the near constant flow of incredible bikes and gear we have rolling through the door. That said, this post in particular is long overdue. Many people have never heard of Norco. A brand whose name is synonymous with adventure. From a ripping line of world class mountain bikes to one of the most diverse gravel offerings, Norco has made their presence in the US known more and more with each passing year. And this year, we’re bringing some of that off-road squishy goodness to you fine folks.


The Fluid HT series has been a standard in our shop since we first became a Norco dealer and when we heard about the planned changes to the Fluid FS we began moving some pieces around with the expectation that these bikes were gonna be rippers. Norco did not disappoint. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the 2019 Fluid FS. With a completely redesigned alloy frame, upgraded suspension package, modified geo and ability to get either 29” or 27.5” wheels this bike is ready for just about any rider. And with 130mm of travel up front and 120mm of travel out back it’s the ideal bike for NEO trails.

If you want to do a little more digging on these sick bikes check out what our friends over at Pinkbike had to say. Also, follow Pinkbike because it’s a legit review site with some incredible riders giving balances feedback.


More travel can be a lot more fun and we don’t really shy away from bringing in some of the bigger travel bikes. When Norco released the revised Sight and Range in 2018 we were salivating. And with each passing review, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of these beasts. Well, we have some and while it’s a limited selection there is a reason. In March, Norco announced their ‘Build Your Ride’ program for the Sight and Range giving riders the ability to not just change colors but choose suspension and parts packages to better suit their riding style and/or budget. But back to the bike - am I right! Boasting a trail smashing 150/130mm travel combo for 29” wheels and 160/140mm travel combo for 27.5” this bike will surely leave you wanting all the rocks, roots and other ‘natch our beloved east coast trails tend to offer. This is the perfect bike for the person who likes to spend weekends at Windrock, Seven Springs and Snowshoe. But fear not, with a balances geo and incredible linkage, this bike will still leave you smiling on our local trails.

We hope you like the bikes as much as we do.

Gravel Bikes Galore :: Where we're going we don't need [paved] roads.

Gravel bikes aren’t new. But with each passing year we see manufacturers redefine what constitutes the gravel class. When the category was first created you saw companies slapping wider tires and disc brakes on endurance road bikes and calling it a day. This worked. It gave riders looking for more versatility a bike that didn’t lose the performance characteristics they’d become accustomed to. Fast forward to today and the category has morphed into what many call drop bar mountain. Sporting far wider tires then ever before, geos that perform better on rugged off-road terrain and part specs that virtually mimic modern mountain bikes gravel bikes offer riders the ability to literally go wherever they want. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite bikes in the 2019 gravel category.


When the Norco Search was first released it had many of the traits found on first gen gravel bikes. Road gearing, more (but not significantly more) tire clearance and a road oriented geometry. Enter 2019 and the bikes have evolved to say the least. Now boasting a spec and geometry optimized for true, back country service the Search XR is ready for any adventure you want to throw its direction. We currently have the Search XR Alloy 105 and Apex in stock as well as the Search XR Steel Apex. These bikes tend to go fast so stop in and check them out before they head out into the wild.


New to the Cannondale family of goods is the Topstone - their certified, load capable gravel smasher. Using the same alloy construction found on their Synapse and incorporating a full carbon fork, Cannondale sought to create a gravel bike that was light and compliant without removing its utilitarian function - offering 3 bottle cage mounts, rack mounts and fender mounts. It’s pretty much a touring bike, mixed with an endurance road bike that prefers to ride in regions unknown. In short, its a must see for anyone looking to make a gravel bike their next purchase. We currently have the Topstone 105 and Sora models available.