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Our Story

Very few people can argue the empowering feeling you get riding a bike through congested Cleveland traffic. Or that hair raising sensation of carving through a lush green forest on tacky Ohio dirt. You know that feeling, like a chill on a warm day. That's what riding a bike is to us. When we started planning our crazy journey the number one goal was to communicate that unparalleled feeling of freedom.

Beat Cycles is what happens when a bunch of mountain bikers pool their creativity and build a bike shop. And in May 2014, with splinters in our hands and sawdust in our lungs we opened the doors to this wild adventure and haven't looked back. Built in Lakewood and located on Detroit Avenue, one of the cities busiest cycling thoroughfares, Beat Cycles is a full-service bicycle shop with a boutique-for-all concept. With a unique line of bicycles and accessories, Beat offers an atmosphere as eclectic as the city it calls home. Whether you're interested in ditching the car, shredding the local singletrack or tearing up the torn up roads we're here to assist, educate and empower you every step of the way. 


Bikes gave us our first sense of freedom. Finally getting just far enough out of reach that our parents couldn't catch us. Finally venturing into the world on our own. Now's your chance to get that back! Check out our adult proof, responsibility shedding time machines.